Preschool education and upbringing. More detailed

Qualification characteristics of a graduate of the specialty – 0101000

The professional activity of the specialist is aimed at the development, education and training of children of early, preschool and pre-school age. The graduate must be prepared for pedagogical, organizational, managerial, and educational activities. In accordance with the requirements of modern society, a specialist must have a high level of professional training, humanistic beliefs, focused on universal values.

A graduate of the specialty must combine a broad fundamental and practical training to master their profession perfectly, be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, possess pedagogical tools and methods of work of a pre-school education specialist. The purpose of graduates of the specialty is to educate, train and develop children in the practical work of preschool organizations and orphanages.

Field of professional activity

The sphere of professional activity of graduates of the specialty is – the field of education: education, training and formation of preschool children in accordance with the Basic minimum content of the General educational program of preschool education and training of children from one to six years.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of graduates are: educational organizations, pre-school organizations, mini-centers, teacher training colleges, departments of education management, institutes of advanced training.

The subjects of professional activity are: goals, objectives, content, forms of organization of training and education, results, ways to implement the requirements of the concept of development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Types of professional activity

– educational (pedagogical)

– education, training, development and formation of the preschool child's personality;

– organization of the process of education and
educational process management;

– diagnostics, correction, forecasting of results of pedagogical activity; study, generalization, dissemination of best practices in the field of preschool education.

Functions of professional activity
The functions of professional activity of a graduate of preschool education and upbringing are: organization of various activities of preschool
children, management of the process of formation and development of personality.

Typical tasks of professional activity

Typical tasks of professional activity of a preschool teacher are:
– improving the quality of pre-school education in accordance with the requirements of the Basic minimum content of the General education program
for pre-school education and training of children from one to six years of age;
– fulfillment of the social order of the society for the formation and development of preschool children;
– preparing the child for school;
– mastery of advanced pedagogical technology, and its implementation in practical activities

Content of professional activity

The content of the professional activity of a graduate of the specialty includes the organization of the educational process in the kindergarten education at the level of
requirements of pedagogical science and practice, preparing children for school, working with parents of preschool children, implementing the goals and objectives of the concept of education development.

– about the phenomena and laws of the development of nature, society and man;
– about the development of society: the diversity of cultures, civilization, forms of social life, the place of Kazakhstan in the world-historical process;
– scientific and theoretical foundations and patterns of education, training, development of preschool children, features of early childhood education.
– fundamentals of the legislative system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal and moral and ethical standards in the field of professional activity;
– patterns of mental development, age and individual characteristics of the child's psyche;
– the role of intellectual development as one of the most important issues in preparing a child for school;
– new types of preschool organizations at the present stage;
– the essence of modern educational technologies, advanced pedagogical, domestic, ethnic experience in the organization of training and education;
– the main types of violations of children's development;
– the place and role of preschool pedagogy and private methods in the system of interdisciplinary research in solving practical problems of upbringing, training and personal development of preschool children;
– characteristics of the conditions of development of the child's personality in the family in new types of preschool organizations at the present stage.
be able to:
– analyze the main economic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad;
– analyze the history of preschool pedagogy and the current state of domestic and foreign preschool pedagogy;
– to reveal the defining patterns of children's mental development and their connections with education and training;
– apply modern methods of scientific research developed in psychological and pedagogical science, master the methods of processing the actual material;
– to reveal the psychological structure of each type of children's activity, to show the patterns of its development during preschool childhood;
have the following skills:
– development and implementation of the educational process of preschool institutions;
– intellectual, moral, physical, social, aesthetic, economic, environmental education and development of children of early, preschool and pre-school age.
be competent:
– in the field of education: know the main components, features of functioning and development, theory and practice of education and training, prospects for renewal and development;
– to understand the role of psychological factors in solving problems of education, training to be able to see psychological problems in the
framework of your specialty;
– in means of diagnostics and correction of individual characteristics of preschool children.

General education subjects
Required component
History of Kazakhstan
Kazakh language
Foreign language
Computer science
Component of choice

Basic disciplines
Required component
Preschool pedagogy
General psychology
Organization and management of pre-school meals
Introduction to the specialty
Child psychology
Basics of Pediatrics and child hygiene
Theory and methods of physical education
Theory and methods of physical education
Theory and methods of visual activity
Basics of speech pathology and speech therapy
Formation of elementary mathematical representations in preschool children
Theory and methodology of musical education
Methods of speech development with a workshop on expressive reading
Elective component

Profile disciplines
Required component
Educational psychology
Modern Russian (Kazakh) language
Children's literature
Kazakh (Russian) literature
History of early childhood education
Pedagogical skill
Practical psychology
Theory and methodology of scientific and pedagogical research
Psychological and pedagogical foundations of the game
Organization of educational and cognitive activities
Elective component

Additional types of training
Professional practice (by type)
Introductory practice (training)
Field practice (training)
Teaching practice in early age groups
Psychological and pedagogical practice
Teaching practice in preschool groups
State practice (professional)
Physical Culture
The intermediate state control
Final state certification
State exams in the specialty (disciplines)
Psychology (General and children's)
Pre-school pedagogy with questions of private methods or defense of a thesis (at the students ' choice)