Results of competitions dedicated to the celebration of the week of languages!

🔹Competition for the best reading of a poem in Arabic.

1st place – Danil Govyadov, PD 30-9
2nd place – Ulaanbaatarkyzy Fatima, PD 21-3
3rd place – El Sharawi Inns Ahmed, PD 20-8

🔹“Expressive reader” competition

After proper strutting and deliberation on the video rendered by the partakers, we hereby present the winners according to their place.
1. Almat Omyrsadyk, ПД 20-7
2. Smaiyl Dayana, ПД 10-6
3.Tleukhanov Bakhytzhan, ПД 10-7 and Tazhmanov Askar, ПД 20-3