Happy day of state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

We congratulate you on the day of state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan! 

We are all rightfully proud of this holiday, which symbolizes the political stability of the country. State symbols of the country represent the strengthening of the country's sovereignty, reflect values, and demonstrate plans for the future.

Over the years of Independence, Kazakhstan has achieved great success in the international political arena, in the development of the economy and society. Our state has become an example of interethnic and interfaith harmony. The work, knowledge and experience of all its citizens are important for stable development. Our task is to strengthen and multiply all the achievements that the Republic of Kazakhstan is famous for today.

The national Flag, Coat of arms, and Anthem are our common heritage, a source of Kazakhstan's patriotism, love for the Motherland, and deep respect for its history, state language, culture, and traditions. We must honor our symbols and understand their meaning. Karaganda residents in the fields of culture, sports, and education repeatedly raised the flag of Kazakhstan in the international arena.

A decent future for our independent country requires joint efforts, creative and fruitful work. Kazakhstan's patriotism is a reliable guarantee of the country's greatness!

We wish you and your families good health, happiness, peace of mind and peace, love and joy, success in your work, well – being, stability and prosperity for the benefit of our Motherland-the Republic of Kazakhstan!